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Overlooked Driving Distractions

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Driving can be an incredibly hazardous activity. One mistake or moment of inattention can have disastrous consequences. While texting and driving is one of the most commonly discussed types of distraction that may lead to an accident, there are also other distractions that are often overlooked. Let's take a look at some of these hazards and discuss how drivers can stay safe on the open road.

Loud Music and Other Noises

The eyes may be on the road, but when our ears are filled with loud music or other noise, it can still be difficult to keep our attention focused on driving. Not only does loud music cause a distraction, but it can also reduce your ability to hear potential hazards like approaching vehicles or emergency sirens. It is best to keep the volume low enough that you can still hear what is happening around you while driving.

It's also important to note that driving with headphones in is illegal in Florida!

Billboards and Other Visual Distractions

Driving down the highway, it is easy to get distracted by billboards, signs, and other visual elements. Keep your eyes focused on the road ahead and resist the urge to look away from your lane as you pass these objects by. And if something catches your eye, wait until you have stopped for a break before taking a closer look at it.

Infotainment Systems

Many modern cars come with infotainment systems that allow drivers to access navigation systems and control their audio settings without taking their hands off the wheel or their eyes off the road. However, if these systems are used improperly, they could cause dangerous distractions for drivers who use them while driving instead of before they begin their journey. If you must use your infotainment system while driving, make sure you do so safely by using voice commands or setting up your car's navigation route prior to departure.

One study found that interacting with your infotainment system could lead to reaction times slower than that of drunk drivers or those who drive under the influence.


Our minds wander – especially when we drive – and this daydreaming (or "zoning out") can lead us into dangerous situations if we aren't careful about keeping our attention on the road ahead. When this happens, try bringing yourself back into focus by rolling down a window or having a conversation with your passengers - just remember not to get too carried away!

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