Case Results

  • $250,000
    Serious Injuries
    In May 2018 we recovered the bodily injury policy limits of $200,000 and the underinsured policy limits of $50,000 for both the driver and passenger of the crashed vehicle. Both clients received minor surgeries for disc decompression, providing the ...
  • $200,000
    Hit & Run Victim
    Client was using the Clearwater Beach roundabout when a distracted driver collided with him and left the scene of the accident. After a thorough investigation with law enforcement, Idrizi Law Group found the at-fault driver and received due ...
  • $161,000
    Serious Injuries
    In October of 2016, our clients were involved in a motor vehicle accident that results in spinal injuries to the driver. After proper treatment for both driver and passenger, it was determined that a lumbar disc decompression surgery would be ...
  • $150,000
    Serious Injuries
    On his way to work, our client was legally stopped at a red light with no other cars behind him. Coincidently, across the street, a school bus was involved in an unrelated crash that was being tended to by emergency personnel. The at-fault party was ...
  • $150,000
    DUI Victim
    A DUI driver traveling at a high rate of speed failed to acknowledge that traffic was stopped at a red light, resulting in a serious rear-end collision with our client. Due to the velocity of the at-fault party’s vehicle, the victim’s car was forced ...
  • $125,000
    High Speed Collision
    While our client legally stopped for a firetruck to pass, the at-fault party failed to stop. This oversight resulted in him causing a rear-ended collision with our client while traveling at a speed of over 40 mph. Our client was awarded the bodily ...
  • $110,000
    Side Impact Collision Resulting in Whiplash
    Our client was traveling at a legal speed when another car exiting a shopping plaza negligently collided with the passenger’s side of our client’s vehicle. Whiplash is a painful neck injury that occurs when the neck moves forcefully from one side to ...
  • $100,000
    Severe Injuries
    In June 2020, Idrizi Law Group demanded the policy limit for our client who experienced whiplash, substantial lower back injuries, and nerve damage which caused numbness to his fingers in both hands. We obtained the policy limit of $100,000 for our ...
  • $100,000
    Attorney Colleague Injured in Crash
    In April of 2020, Idrizi Law Group was retained to represent a client that was unhappy with the law firm handling her personal injury claim since October of 2016. In July 2020, only 2 months after being hired, we received the maximum bodily injury ...
  • $100,000
    Leg Injury
    Our client was walking back to his car at the Home Depot parking lot when a parked vehicle backed into him unexpectedly injuring his leg. Although our client did not have health insurance or the means to get the medical care necessary, by means of ...
  • $100,000
    Serious Injuries
    In October 2018, Idrizi Law Group received $100,000 for our client who was involved in a motor vehicle crash with a distracted driver. This amount is the maximum bodily injury policy limits the at-fault driver had available. We were happy to see her ...
  • $87,000
    Distracted Driver
    While our client was taking his children to school, a distracted driver drove into our client’s vehicle injuring him and his two young daughters. It is advisable that child seats are replaced by insurance companies as car accidents render them unsafe ...
  • $75,000
    Rear-End Collision
    Idrizi Law Group settled a case in May 2020 for a woman who was involved in a rear-end collision by an erratic driver on US Highway 19 during rush hour traffic.