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Who is At-Fault for Car Accidents in a Construction Zone?

Construction zone sign in front of a line of cars

Determining Liability

On any given day, motorists have to assume some kind of liability and risk associated with driving. Other drivers may be aggressive or speeding, bad weather is present, or any number of road hazards could pop up. Sometimes this means that car accidents are inevitable. However, there may be a grey area when it comes to accidents in construction zones.

It's no secret that Florida is a hotspot for construction, adding over 1500 new jobs in June 2020 alone. These often hazardous areas can be challenging to navigate for even the most seasoned driver, and it may be difficult to determine who or what is at fault if an accident occurs.

Motorists: Proceed with Caution

Construction companies often have signs posted of what to expect in any given construction zone, including narrower or fewer lanes, low power lines, and changing speed limits to name a few. It’s the motorist's responsibility to be aware of these hazards and proceed with caution at all times. Failure to do so can result in rear-end collisions, sideswipes, or accidents involving the workers or work vehicles.

If it is determined that an individual motorist was driving in an unsafe manner or ignoring signs posted, they will likely be held responsible for any traffic collision in these areas.

Construction Company

There are a few instances in which the construction company may be liable for any accidents that occur within the construction zone. It will often come down to the presence of any negligence on behalf of the company or the workers.

Actions that may be considered negligence include:

  • Not properly alerting motorists of hazards like lane changes or workers present
  • Equipment or signs being too close to the moving lanes
  • Lack of detours or any operation that may inhibit moving vehicles
  • Improper use of equipment that could impose dangers on motorists, such as bright lights or machinery

While not every accident is preventable, both motorists and construction companies should work together to combat this growing problem.

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